Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Happy Birthday?

Ug. Another well intentioned afternoon starts with another cellphone faux pax.

Today is Ruin's birthday. Ruin and I have been friends off and on (back when we were more fickle), and consistently so since the 9th grade. We live in different places, but I always appreciate him, and I always know that Aug 2 is his birthday. Scrolling through my phone, I almost call Five, who shares his name, and we might recall from the
Kissing Boys in the Park post last summer. I realize this and move to call Ruin. When he answers, it does NOT sound like Ruin. But he recognizes me, so I give it a chance to figure out what is going on. "What a surprise!" he says. 'Really?', I think to myself. A quick glance at the phone, and it is friggin FIVE! [For the record, I have NO idea why he got that moniker. I didn't even remember it until I re-read the KBP post. ]Friggin-A, man. Friggin-A. How did I mess this up?! Thankfully, he was at work--and promised to call back later.

Do I answer? I literally have nothing to say to him, and we haven't talked in a year. Since it doesn't appear that I ever mentioned Five here again, let me say that it didn't go badly, it just was what it was. [My new line for everything.] Clearly I had a good time up in New York with him, but we didn't have much in common--in fact, I think the park kissing was to supplant actual conversation. Throw in different cities, and it was a non-starter. So now what do I do? I still see him on IM, so maybe I'll be proactive and hit him up there.

[By the way the, the kissing in the park was at the exact place in Union Square where
NYC Rouge and Ms. Rather Be Travelling called drunken and confused last week, demanding an explanation of the mysteriously clock over the Virgin Records store. Good times.]

Having read the KBP post, I'm a little disappointed in my summer so far. Last summer, at least on paper, was apparently fabulous. After that June post, I then went to St. Thomas, my first adult trip to the Caribbean, made perfect by Ms. BLM's company. I was also working on a detail to DRS, and was falling in love with it. I had a good batch of goals--most of which in retrospect I failed. But I worked at them, which was nice.

This summer, in contrast, has been devoid of vacation and even much sunlight. I'm back at my old job, and working 60 hour weeks on average. The pay is good, and the career potential too, but it is just not how I'd like to spend my time. Above all I would like to be outside more. This week was a good start, with Fiona Apple Monday and Ray LaMontagne yesterday, both at Wolf Trap. I actually am a big fan of the heat, and enjoy the sweltering... as long as movement is not required. Granted, if it breaks 100 degrees today, I'll probably NOT be going outside.

The one saving grace of this summer, of course, is
MOSI. Last night's Ray LaMontagne performance was a birthday gift, and every moment laying on the lawn at the pavilion was phenomenally better than Kissing Boys in the Park last summer. Save for the unfortunate way that we met, time with him gets better with each passing day. I suppose that's to be hoped for, rather than being strained by his impending departure. But I'm going to focus on being happy about it right now, because he is a lovely lovely man, and I am lucky to have him.

So after all that, did you call Ruin?
Agreed with la...details are a must, although I do enjoy how this post starts one place and ends in quite a different one.

I'm working on 4 hours' sleep (thanks to my apparent DC Recycling Program--more on that soon over in my corner of cyberspace) so that's really all I have to contribute to the conversation.
Not that anyone returns to posts after the fact, but I DID indeed call Ruin. It was a good but eventful catch-up call. :)
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