Monday, January 12, 2009

Bon Fete, Canada!

I learned a few things about Montreal over the New Year, during my first visit to Canada (no, Niagra Falls does not count).

1. People who speak French can indeed be gracious, completely fluent in English, and willing to speak to you in English... if you are polite and deserving.

2. Canada is like bizarro-EU--it feels European and foreign, but you get more for the American dollar, not less.

3. Strippers can do more than just walk around a poll--and ask for less in the process.

4. Leave a strip club before it closes--that is when they'll shake you down.

5. Canada is cold as the dickens, and I will no longer complain about the temperature in DC... at least not for the next few weeks. I just stumbled upon this photo I took in 2005 on top of the Grosvenor Metro Station parking garage. Bethesda's assumption that snow is something they have a legitimate reason to have signage about is laughable. And by the way, who would take snow to the top of a parking garage to dump?!


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