Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hill Dawg

As tonight drags on, I'm happy Hillary is doing well, but I'm also a little excited she hasn't swept, ensuring that the Potomac Primary matters. I have never voted in a primary that counted. I think Maryland must have had their primary after the damn convention. But now DC, Maryland, and Virginia (yeah, I put a comma before the 'and'--suck my serial comma love) are aligned for February 12. Then again, if this drags on it eats up my donation on the primary and not the general...

At any rate, I'm a Democrat and I'm going to rally behind either of these qualified candidates, but I thought it time I came out as a Hillary supporter. They are both good, and I agree with both on most of the issues that are important to me. The issues we disagree on (gun control, line item vetos, ethanol) are moot points given the realities of the forces in the general election (the Bible belt hates those line item vetoes!). But I am more inspired by Hillary, and I do believe she can carry us better on the world stage.

So that's my vote next Tuesday.

In the meantime, go Huckabee!

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