Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Long Arm

The law has found me... or rather, the IRS has. I've been audited. Well, that's not the word they choose. They picked a nicer word, like "honey kissed," or something, but it's got the same effect. I don't recall, as I left the burning ashes in the toilet on my way to work this morning. I'll update ya when I know more.

It just goes from bad to worse...

Their building is closed until January pending millions of dollars worth of repairs, and they have the time to audit you? Well I guess they need some fundraising to fix all that flooding damage!
Red is right--it's amazing that they have the time to go after you when they are probably wringing out their socks every 10 minutes.

But still, this provides a fun blogging opportunity, right? Please record your correspondence with them in detail...after all, someone should enjoy this trial!
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