Thursday, July 27, 2006


These heads are not really related to this quick post. But I like having images now that I'm in the triple digits (for posting, that is). If you want to figure out what they were doing in a new retail space on my walk home this week, see if you can figure it out from the URL in the window.

Otherwise, I actually wanted to comment on MOSI. I'm very stressed this week with work and a conference tomorrow, and have put in 12 to 16 hour days. On top of that, my relationship with MOSI is pushing past those first few weeks/months of excitement, when you ignore faults and are in crush stage.

This is the reckoning time, when people's flaws show, and your personalities are exposed, and you realize that maybe you aren't the best match, or that it's something great.

This has added some tension in my head as well, but it is not to be avoided. And last night I had such a wonderful (if brief) time with him, that I think we're looking at something great.

Stay posted for August...

Off topic, but still...

What is up with my tagline, over on the "Friends" column? Wit with scruples--what does that mean?

Seriously. What does it mean? According to Webster, a scruple is "an ethical consideration or principle that inhibits action".

So, if I get this right, I'm basically just like Wish To See (Wit with Principles), but in an "inhibited action" sort of way?

I protest.
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