Tuesday, May 30, 2006

La on a Stick

Like Snakes on a Plane, La on a Stick has suddenly become all the rage. Following her wedding, LoaS didn't head off on her honeymoon. Nope, LoaS headed out for a big gay night in the city. Observe:

La on a Stick has been known to start pre-drinking early, so she's already frisky by the time of the car ride to da club.With no trouble at all, La on a Stick became very popular. Here she met up with all of her good fag hag friends. I don't know any of them, but they apparently knew her!
When LoaS gets tired (and Mr. BA needs hands free to dance), she's comfortable just hanging out anywhere that's available.Because she's so popular, this guy even let LoaS and her cadre back into the DJ booth. Look how HAPPY that made her!

As the night wore on LoaS was elated to observe her favorite club happening--battle dancing! With LoaS to impress, the black gays threw it down as hard as ever.As often happens with LoaS around, the night got a bit trashy. And she was right there in the middle of it!

At that point, La on a Stick politely asked the camera be put away. Her request was honored, so all you have is my guarantee that it continued to progress on this trajectory. Last that she was seen, someone in the DJ booth whisked her off to meet up a bachelorette party. People say if you look quietly at night, you can still see the camera flash reflecting off her ever-gleaming smile.

Monday, May 29, 2006


Where have I BEEN!? I wish I had a good excuse for not blogging. Since last I was on here, I've been to LA, Anaheim, Kansas City, and middle-o-nowhere Pennsylvania, so we'll make that my excuse. I have many pictures to share, but right now just two web updates.

First off, I'm thoroughly unimpressed by the planned bar night equivalent that will be my ten year high school "reunion." Still, I provide the link here for you, as I'll be there. Hell, what's $26 for a two-hour open bar? Biggest difference between me then and now is my ability to take full advantage of an open bar, and $26 is probably cheaper than prom was.

I am, however, exited/surprised to add Ev, Ms. Soupy Hair herself, as a new blog link. She has just alerted me to her Misadventures in Tokyo, and I can't wait to follow along.

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