Friday, August 26, 2005

Goals: Summer & Beyond

It's been over a month since I went to St. Thomas, and damn near time I got my goals up here for the world to see. After all, what's a goal without accountability? These were the product of a drunken night (okay afternoon) with Blue Like Mine. But what do you expect when you put two hyper, over-achieving, urban YoungPros on an island with nothing to do but drink rum and muse on their existence? Soon the back of an envelope turns into short- and long-range goals for self-improvement.

Because TCR decided recently to demand that my IDP (Individual Development Plan) include "target dates," these goals do too. Some dates have passed, but TCR is all about "extensions," so I figure its fitting.

1. Establish a comfortable & organized living space. Date: 8/15
Status: Okay, we're about half way there. I moved rooms, painted the walls (the red killed me), got a real, actual BIG BOY bed, and bought bedding from my favorite hotel at The W Hotel Store. The bedding is great, but the pillows aren't big enough. Last week I was the Hyatt, the pillows were amazing, and I pulled out the tag to find the Pacific Coast Feather Co. I'll get right on that. As for the piles-o-crap, they're next. New date: 9/15 (lets be reasonable)
2. Continue & fortify my volunteering. Date 7/31
Status: Soooooo not my fault. I got approved from the ethics officer to take pro bono cases, and found a place that has a legal clinic for HIV-related employment discrimination. My forte! [that's pronounced as one syllable, not two.] But they REFUSE to call me back, so I spend my days hounding them on v-mail.
3. Incorporate artistry into my life (painting, photography, etc). Date: 8/31
Status: I had a brief painting fit a while back, but nothing lately. I need to find a photo lab NOW.
4. Weight 165. Date: 10/15
Status: Natural weight is 155. The flu last fall dropped me to 150. I'm proud to say that with 3000 to 4000 calories a day (all I do is eat), I weighed in at 156 today! That's six pounds in maybe 2 weeks! This one we might actually do by the target date.
5. Resolve Buffalo. Date: 8/31
Status: Buffalo is a sordid tale. Sadly, it looks to be resolved no sooner than September 3. Inquire within for details.
6. Restart academic research & writing. Date: Collect - 8/15; Organize - 9/15; write draft - 10/15
Status: Research collected. Check. Organizing will ensue shortly.

There we have it. Simple and straight forward. Stay posted!

If you are looking for dark room facilities check out page 46 of this pdf (

If you want a professional (artistic) photofinisher (is the a word?) check out, they used to have an office in DC, but I am not sure if they do any longer. Cheers!
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