Sunday, June 24, 2007

Coming Soon! More of the Same!

On my way to the Studio Theatre on Thursday (Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead was entertaining enough--more entertaining was the woman who answered her cellphone during the performance) and noticed this sign across the street:
To give some perspective, I live along the revitalized 14th St. corridor, which includes the P St. Whole Foods all the way up to U St. and beyond. Seven years ago, when I was first introduced to the neighborhood, the street was lined mostly with parking lots and vacant buildings like the one above (apparently old car show rooms that have been neglected since the race riots four decades ago).

Even then, gems were appearing, including The Garden District, Pulp, and Go Mama Go! I had assumed, mistakenly, that the boom of development would continue to bring independent business and restaurants, similar to U Street and Adams Morgan. To be fair, Busboys and Poets has been a phenomenal recent additional at the physical and cultural crossroads of 14th and U. But more disappointing has been the failure of the residential boom to bring in more of the same. Storefronts keep opening on the first floor of each new development, and the most likely next step is that they remain empty (ripe space for past art installations, at least) or become a showcase for another residential development. On this point, I am not kidding. There are at least eight such "businesses" or real estate offices in as many blocks.

The stores that do open are just as likely to close. I just discovered yesterday that the stalwart Sparky's Cafe has already closed and is slated to move. Now let's be honest, their website hasn't been updated in five years, and they probably win the award for most holier-than-thou, arrogant, or simply angry barristas. Still, they will be missed... sort of.

And now, the most discouraging development is that businesses that do open appear to be trending toward chains. First a Wakovia, then a PNC, and now FedEx Kinko's?! Seriously? Pisses me off. I know I can't do anything about it, I am just disappointed to learn this is where the neighborhood is going. Change is inevitable, so maybe a neighborhood change is on my horizon.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

South Dakota is Still Dakota

These people are seriously F*d up. I mean, I know you're from South Dakota, and I can almost excuse your rabid allegance to the president, if it weren't for the fact that this is the worst possible name for a baby. They had better be illiterate!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sail Away

I still want to talk more about Salt Lake City (blogging hasn't been my thing lately), but wanted to share that I just found out about Ruin's blog from his medical/humanitarian mission in the Phillipines.
Take a visit and check out what he's up to. Puts a lot in perspective.

Monday, June 11, 2007


I'm in Salt Lake City right now. It is pretty unworthy of commentary. In fact, it is pretty much like every other city in the country. The Mormons have their own society out here, and it looks JUST LIKE OURS. Crazy.

But tonight, as I sit in my hotel room not going out, I am forced to reflect on how utterly stupid I am. We're talking borderline mental retardation.

You see, I have been coughing for a month now. Nonstop, hemorrhoid-causing, sex-disrupting, cube-etiquette-violating coughing. I had theories. I was allergic to the new building. I was allergic to some new weed. I was channeling the spirit of my dead Great Aunt (a smoker). So it was today, in SLC, that I figured I need to see a doctor.

Several brain synapses fired, and, OH!!! I HAVE BRONCHITIS! You see, I have gotten Bronchitis every year (usually earlier) for the last 3 or 4. And every year, I cough for a month straight before I figure it out. Jesus Mary and Joseph I am a raving idiot. And now I am stuck out here trying to figure out how to get drugs to get over it and shoving PrepH in uncomfortable places.

And I do things this stupid every day of my waking life. Don't worry. Tomorrow, I'll have another story.


Monday, June 04, 2007

27 Years Later

I spent much of this weekend with MOSI, out at his place. Had a great time, watched a little Shut Up & Sing (Dixie Chicks rock), napped a lot, played a lot. I also worked, which was productive.

Sunday morning, MOSI's shift was cancelled, and he was able to join us at brunch on rainy U St. celebrating El Greg. I love candid photos. Plus, brunch in the rain on a glass rooftop is pretty damn cool.
After a long nap MOSI, TranniLuver, and I saw 28 Weeks Later. Fiddlesticks that was scary! And even scarier when we got home and I spent the whole night obsessing over how to baracade ourselves in from the zombies. I recommend it!

Interesting quote and then two texts from the weekend:

CFab: "Ready? ... 'It's Wednesday!' ... No?"

Greg (Saturday night): "Just saw two dudes come out of the FCH. False!"

Anti-transit Pete Glow Sunday morning: "no really, I loathe metrobus. Still in DuPont"
Me: "The paint store?"

Ha! Well, they brought ME amusement.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Green Light. Red Light. Green Light!

As discussed, I have joined a kickball team, including such ballers as Glow, El Greg, C Fab, and Crowl. I kinda hated it, but then I figured out how to kick the ball, and things started to look up. After that, I realized I can score too, and as Mrs. El Greg captured, even look somewhat competent doing it:[If you click on the larger version of the image, it is an amusing inkblot version of me.]

I still can't catch a damn thing, which kinda makes me useless in the outfield, but I still have a few weeks to figure it out. Quick, through balls at me!

Oh, and while I am below average at kickball, I am pretty confident that I am above average at flipcup. Oh wait, my team is SICK at flipcup. Infact, the four listed above are downright menacing, as I don't think I've ever seen one of them miss. Quick, give me a cup with beer in it!

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