Wednesday, June 18, 2008

15% off 50% more!

Althought not listed on the "Deals" section of their website, I just got an e-mail from Thrifty car rental advertising 15% of SUVs for the rest of the month. I wonder why? Not only am I not interested in paying that much for gas, I'm smuggly content that no one else appears to be either. And its a pleasure to see Hummer sales crashing. Yup, I'm that guy.


Sunday, June 01, 2008

What time zone is it?

I’m not a very good work traveler. Well, I travel okay, but I don’t take much advantage of the destination.

I’ve determined that the personal value to me when I travel for work is limited to:
  1. A break from day-to-day work
  2. Ability to decompress in the evening away from home life.
  3. Frequent flyer points.
  4. Seeing friends who live elsewhere.

Today pushed the limits, as it took me twelve hours to get from my apartment to my San Francisco hotel room, by way of Chicago and Phoenix.

I was supposed to meet friends from college here in San Francisco, and when they went MIA I instead had horrible food in Chinatown. There was a semi-romantic ride on a street car, but all I had to share it with was Twitter.

I’m hoping the next three nights will be better. I’ve learned (awkwardly), that my ex whom I stayed in this very hotel with three years ago is coming to town from Atlanta tomorrow. On the plus side, he can find us some great food.

Next week I’ll be going to Kansas City. Fly in (directly), take a day off to visit family, and then do a day long presentation and get back. That’s got the perfect combination of all four benefits!

I wish my insight into travel was more interesting. I’ve even bored myself. At least I blogged!

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