Monday, January 04, 2010

Martha Louise Clark, R.N.

Born 1914 as Martha Louise Kness in Bismark, Missouri. Martha became a Registered Nurse after graduating from the 1939 class of the Saint Louis City Hospital's School of Nursing. She married Henry William "Hank" Clark and they raised three children, Carolyn, Bill and Jim. Martha earned her Nursing Home Administrator's license from the State of Missouri in 1972. Martha was formally diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease in 2006. Died 2010, in her sleep, at home with her son Bill and his family, wife Marta, son Nick and daughter Maya.

Support Alzeheimer's research:

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Stop that!

Hey Pepsi! I know what you're doing! Stop it!

I mean, that last one was just TOO obvious. I'm watching you, Pepsi.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Bon Fete, Canada!

I learned a few things about Montreal over the New Year, during my first visit to Canada (no, Niagra Falls does not count).

1. People who speak French can indeed be gracious, completely fluent in English, and willing to speak to you in English... if you are polite and deserving.

2. Canada is like bizarro-EU--it feels European and foreign, but you get more for the American dollar, not less.

3. Strippers can do more than just walk around a poll--and ask for less in the process.

4. Leave a strip club before it closes--that is when they'll shake you down.

5. Canada is cold as the dickens, and I will no longer complain about the temperature in DC... at least not for the next few weeks. I just stumbled upon this photo I took in 2005 on top of the Grosvenor Metro Station parking garage. Bethesda's assumption that snow is something they have a legitimate reason to have signage about is laughable. And by the way, who would take snow to the top of a parking garage to dump?!


Monday, September 22, 2008

What a Wonderful American Life

Like the passage of a rocky fiscal quarter, I'm suddenly back and everything is all shook up. Bail me out, because this entry is totally supported by mortgage-backed securities!

Alright, not really. But it has been an incredible three months. MOSI moved in June through August, and even got a job working in the same building as I. Turns out, moving in was just the right thing we needed. I love him more than I did yesterday, and I know that the strength of our love can stand the test of cohabitation. There will always be hurdles, but I am convinced that will not be one of them.

I am still coming down off a stellar weekend in Pittsburgh, reconnecting with him on his turf.

This American Life is my sustenance for drives to and from Pittsburgh, and six episodes were the bookends for my trip. As promised to now TWO plucky little DC transplants, here are 10 episodes that played (or repeated) this year that I have loved (and so should you):

  1. The Giant Pool of Money. Reasons to love this episode go beyond the clips of Sigur Ros that weave transitions together--I really didn't get the sub-prime housing mortgage crisis at all, and now I do. Don't ask me to repeat it after four drinks (cause I will).
  2. A Little Bit of Knowledge. The opening is light and plenty humorous. Act 2, by the blunt and real Dan Savage (Savage Love), makes me long for gay marriage as much as MOSI's Republican parents did after they listened to this one on the caravan to Hilton Head for the family vacation I joined in July (a blog post I would never be able to get through).
  3. Leaving the Fold. Listen to Act 1 and you will never think of Jerry Springer the same way again. I would vote him for President. Seriously.
  4. The Audacity of Government. Probably the reason I do what I do now, and think that DOJ and DHS can be so much better than they are. Their ideology might actually be making us less safe, and I don't know how you could be proud of this Administration after the Prologue and Act 1, or any Administration after Act 2.
  5. Fear of Sleep. Especially for Act 1, when a stand-up comedian's take on sleep walking.
  6. What I Learned from Television. Everything! This one is live, and pretty funny, and Mates of States performs during the interludes!
  7. Nice Work If You Can Get It. Astronauts doing paperwork in the Prologue, and the PC Guy comes to life in Act 1!
  8. Life After Death. A much different tone, but it puts a voice to the effects on someone's life who is inadvertently the cause of another person's death.
  9. Human Resources. Despite my abhorrence for these people, this isn't much about how HR mostly screws up your benefits. What is fascinating is Act 1, and the discovery of where hundreds of NYC teachers go, who aren't allowed to actually teach, and Act 2, which will shines a light on how many of our neighbors in DC might be viewing us--as part of "The Plan."
  10. My Brilliant Plan. Which includes Act 1, and renting a house in Baghdad.
And from last year: Habeas Schmabeas 2007. I can't deny that my most favorite episodes are those about the hideous practices by this Administration, especially in the legal realm. For when you're ready for something on the darker side of America, this one is stunning--and award winning. An absolute must.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

15% off 50% more!

Althought not listed on the "Deals" section of their website, I just got an e-mail from Thrifty car rental advertising 15% of SUVs for the rest of the month. I wonder why? Not only am I not interested in paying that much for gas, I'm smuggly content that no one else appears to be either. And its a pleasure to see Hummer sales crashing. Yup, I'm that guy.


Sunday, June 01, 2008

What time zone is it?

I’m not a very good work traveler. Well, I travel okay, but I don’t take much advantage of the destination.

I’ve determined that the personal value to me when I travel for work is limited to:
  1. A break from day-to-day work
  2. Ability to decompress in the evening away from home life.
  3. Frequent flyer points.
  4. Seeing friends who live elsewhere.

Today pushed the limits, as it took me twelve hours to get from my apartment to my San Francisco hotel room, by way of Chicago and Phoenix.

I was supposed to meet friends from college here in San Francisco, and when they went MIA I instead had horrible food in Chinatown. There was a semi-romantic ride on a street car, but all I had to share it with was Twitter.

I’m hoping the next three nights will be better. I’ve learned (awkwardly), that my ex whom I stayed in this very hotel with three years ago is coming to town from Atlanta tomorrow. On the plus side, he can find us some great food.

Next week I’ll be going to Kansas City. Fly in (directly), take a day off to visit family, and then do a day long presentation and get back. That’s got the perfect combination of all four benefits!

I wish my insight into travel was more interesting. I’ve even bored myself. At least I blogged!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Ranked Top 50

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