Saturday, December 23, 2006

How ya feelin?

Feelin better. Having MOSI here, I usually wake up feeling like this! But even having him around didn't keep me from a harrowing assault of simultaneous shits and vomiting all Thursday night. [I have no doubt that the image of me balanced over the toilet and sink for this ordeal is one that I am thankful no one saw first hand.] So bad was it that I spent Friday morning in the ER, being pumped full of saline and strong anti-nausea meds. He took great care of me and I'm on the road to recover.

[Picture taken at Viridian when A was asked: "How do you feel about the War on Christmas?"]

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

You like that?! Yeah, you like that.

Nine days without a post?! My bad. I think last week was spent anxious for MOSI's Return (coming to theatres this Christmas), and this week spent... well... you know.

And let me just say, thank MARY for the Leather Rack [Please use that link at home.] Because before I was able to come across the wealth of things that can vibrate, my kink was limited to weak attempts at dirty talk. How weak, you ask?

Well first off, it has mostly been limited to responsive statements.

Example statement: God you're hot!
My response: ...[long pause]... Um. Yeah.'re hot... too.

Then there were two recent attempts at initiated statements, each of which were confused for attempts at actual conversation. In both instances, all activity stopped and the response came:
Well, yeah. [confused look--as if he had been miscommunicating] I do want it.
or a matter of fact agreement:
Yup. It's tight.

So, like I said, thank you Leather Rack. Now I need some chick out there to hook me up with some no-gag cream and we'll be Real good.

[Did I actually just post this!? Sex positive bad apologies return!]

Monday, December 11, 2006


I really like PostSecret. I don't have much else to say this morning, so I thought I would pass on the link and share it with you.

Is it the 15th yet?

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

"She Can't Get Any Sleep Because of Me"

Favorite artist that no one else seems to have heard of: The Incredible Moses Leroy

I'm having trouble moving toward bed because I'm restless. [Does that just mean lacking rest? Did you know that decimate means to kill 10%? How often does that HAPPEN? Far less than we use the word, that's for sure.]

Anyway, despite lamenting MOSI in the past (at least in my head), I've felt better about him lately. Not that he isn't amazing. And obvi Thanksgiving was great. I thought everything was going well in my head. But you know, how friggin frustrating is this?! Probably because most things in my life are going so well. Everything is right where it should be, and I feel like I'm in control of my own fate. [How's that for confidence?!] But then a little shit comes along and you fall in love with him and he moves away. And you KNEW he was going to! But it happens all the same. Hell, you probably fell in love with him the first time you saw him, and it just took some time to confirm. So now you're in love and you can't be with him and he feels the exact same frustration. It's like a pathetic postmodern joke that I've abandoned community and family and instead found an element of satisfaction in the artificial emotion of some simulacrum life.

I don't mean to whine. Like I said, I'm doing okay with it, all things considered. Worse things have happened. It only makes you stronger. Absence makes the heart... cliche... cliche... fortune cookie... Your lucky numbers are 43, 24, 31, 20, and 69. [Damn right!] But it nags at me. Like when you burn your tounge. But burnt it eating your absolute favorite food and you don't regret it at all. Still. Ow! Was that the lest romantic analogy ever!? I think it was. Besides, my favorite food is probably bread, and who burns their tongue on bread?

Uncomfortable search of the day on google that led to bad apologies: what to expect dying of liver failure

I love you MOSI

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