Monday, June 05, 2006

When Outlook Attacks

I work in an agency of 500 people, spread across a dozen or so "offices." Today, someone sent this message to everyone, selecting office by office from Outlook:

The people listed below have been scheduled for Basic COTR training, August
7-11, 2006...
Fine, fine. Eddie, an unfortunate soul, used "Reply All" to say:

I requested to be added a while ago. How can I check to see if I am in the list for the next class? I am leaving the country soon and I would like to know before I leave.
No problem. Delete keys exist for this sorta thing. But then came the kicker from Susan, another of our 500 employees:

Eddie: Please remove my name from the above email addresses prior to sending any further communication on this topic.
WHAT? Seriously. And this went to all 500 of us. Such irony. Or at least an example of a rather self-important trogladite who then sticks her foot in her mouth. First off, is she just dense? Did she miss Outlook 101?

What if Eddie didn't have a date to the prom? This could have ripped that wound right open. I would have just cried and cried.

Oh yeah, and who's registered for Basic COTR training!? I am, biatch! I expect Aug 7-11 to be one, long, party cruise of an August week. Kill me.

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