Thursday, July 14, 2005


Let's start with tomorrow morning's flight to St. Thomas. [Warning: Blogging hiatus will result.] Thought I had a hotel, turns out I don't.

Then there's the roommate situation. Current roommate has kept me busy lately, and is moving in a few weeks. Finally found a new roommate last night. Will update when I've felt her out more.

But for now, its work. Love work. I technically work for TCR, but am on a detail to DRS. I really like my job on a day-to-day basis at TCR, but there's not a lot of growth potential. My work at DRS isn't as diverse and exciting, but its a stellar place to work, very high profile and resume building, and the parent entity has endless opportunities. Plus I'm now doing what I went to school for.

So I told DRS three weeks ago that I wanted to stay. It was received positively. But they don't make the decisions, the people upstairs do. So finally this week I drafted a memo to go upstairs saying why I was great (and playing down what they wouldn't like to know about my past work). Every day I fall more and more in love with my potential at DRS, and more and more terrified that I will be forced to return to TCR.

And besides the great career move, I also walk to work, love my co-workers, have a big nice office with dry-wall, and the office is in the middle of everything. I get nervous just thinking about the step back to my crappy office in a crappy neighborhood that's far from where I live.

The ulcer is growing. Off to find a hotel.

You have become a spotty blogger. Starting off with such skill, just long enough to get me hooked, then utterly abandoning your responsibility to my addiction. Shame on you. I still check yours daily--but only becuse you so nicely link, right at the top of your page, to all the other blogs I also like to check. Please watch out for hurricaines in the Carribean!!! -Red
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