Friday, July 21, 2006

Blogging 101

That's right, this is my 101st post. And for that reason I thought it appropriate to stop and reflect. Those 100 posts took me almost 14 months, which I was rather proud of until I remember that Ms. Write Again Soon had 287 posts while spending a year in Sweden. *sigh* I suppose I'll simply never measure up.

I am content with where this blog has gone. Nam June Paik might agree (post on that to follow) that this is my version of my own TV channel. It is random, introspective, frivolous, and sporadic. It is also a channel with a pretty slow content feed, but I'm too busy out "doing," and this would fall under La's definition of "sorting." She knows me too well.

Regardless, I hope I haven't taken myself too seriously, and I hope that some day this can be a 24-feed of the inside of my mind. Until then, I'll try to bring a bit more cowbell.

Congratulations. Once you hit triple digits, the blog changes from some sort of personal life diversion/mass catch-up/brain fart into something more institutional. (Though, of course, those seem to be the three primary uses for mine.)

And more importantly, it's been fun reading so far. Keep it up!

As for the new subheading under the link to my blog, I have NO IDEA WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT.
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