Monday, March 13, 2006


I'm in PR Training. This stands for Procurement Request, but also "Process Rapidly!" Everyone likes to be reminded of the urgency of the acquisition process. Thank you, PR training. Purchasing of items, from staples to million dollar oversight contracts, all use the same PR Form. But we have a snazzy program that you go through, for hours, to generate that form and track the progress of the procurement.

Training is seven hours. SEVEN. Hour one was devoted to figuring out how to sign the entire class of 12 into the system. It's been pretty downhill since then. On top of "training," I did work e-mail, read the WP, and caught up on blogs. Now I'm blogging.

I'm not sure what this entry was going to be about (other than showing my ability to learn how to attach a document and check e-mail at the same time), but I was inspired by NYC Rouge. NYC Rouge is, of course, a hardcore lesbian. After a three-year dry spell, she's was all over a new girl with kissing and then more. Turned out new girl sucked, but at least the dryspell was broken.

And this makes me think of my recent escapades. The escapades began a few weeks (nay, months) ago. First there was the boyfriend of my platonic boyfriend's roommate. Did you follow that? Don't worry. It was sweet and didn't have to mean anything. Then I went to New Gay's birthday party last month, and met Teen Wolf (aka Wolverine; we couldn't really settle on a nickname). This isn't a slight on him, but the kid was built like a truck, with Teen Wolf hair to match (although not hairy). I toyed with Trunk, but found that to sound wrong. Let's just say the boy was built thick. I'm going into way too many details about such a sweet person, but you, dear reader, are a lesbian in Brooklyn, married in New Haven, are my saintly gay twin, or are a slut in Philly, so it doesn't really matter.

Anyway, Teen Wolf got to date #3, mostly because I wanted there to be a spark and because I was incredibly attracted to him. Sadly, date #4, as always, was elusive. I'm proud of myself for telling him right up front, though, instead of leading him on like, oh, every faggot in DC is prone to do. ["What are the chances I'll run into HIM again?!"]

And then, to cap it off, there were some embarrassingly pathetic text messages sent to Buffalo, which lead me to delete him entirely from my electronic devices--I truly no longer have his number. Well, at least 2005Goal #5 is finally closed. That took just a little more than 6 months--who suggested I won't be processing rapidly my procurements requests!?

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I would like to (mis)use this forum to protest the new comment censorship on J. Wo's site! Why are my thoughtful responses not posted after screening for "malicious commenting". Was weird "word verification" not sufficient? (Below my weird word for this comment is "dyxfyab") Does 24 hours of not posting my comment mean it was deemed "malicious"? Can a girl not defend herself against the wild spinning of the truth by J.Wo? :)
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