Wednesday, February 01, 2006


As the Swede pointed out this week, we're a nation full of acronyms. That's "State of the Union" for the blog un-initiated.

Last night, I had the pleasure of viewing the President's speech at the Center for American Progress Action Fund, which included
Air America's The Majority Report live, as well as live blogging throughout the night. The State of the Union was boring, but in fact I have almost nothing to say about it (other than to ask who these isolationists are that Bush was so fervently speaking against?).

What was pitiful was the showing by the liberals. The host,
Sam Seder, didn't have much more to offer other than lines like "He's really rolling with the lies now, folks!" The "panel" of bloggers were even more dismal, including a great let down from semi-famous Atrios. This was no "West Wing," folks, this wasn't even the West Wing's developmentally challenged younger brother.

And what's worse, is that The Majority Report actually BROKE for commercials. I can't imagine what tool sat at home and listened to a commercial instead of switching to ANY other news media outlet. Everyone from network to cable to NPR airs the SOTU uninterrupted--except that is for Air America. Apparently, we're so broke that we can't afford an hour of uninterrupted broadcasting. I sure hope the listeners dropped from 500 to 7. Seven tools I can handle. If that weren't enough, they went off the air at 9 p.m. so another program could run. WHAT?! What else could there possibly be? And did they not realize that they never wrap up in an hour flat? Even this President isn't so dumb; or better yet he needs more time to get out the big words.

I was hoping for some intellectual powerhouses, and I got whinners dressed up in nice (albeit geeky) clothes. Any other party suggestions for me?

Has anyone ever told you your a tool? Possibly We didn't care for the State of the Union because most of it was a bunch of crap from the biggest liar this country ever created.
Well, I guess I can't possibly come back from that one. You win, WUA!
The thing is here that Mr. BA is actually on your side, WUA.
Thanks nycrouge. And in my defense, yes, I'm called a tool on a regular basis...
Tee hee, WUA wrote "your" when he meant "you're" :)
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