Monday, March 13, 2006

Shamrock THIS

First off, I stole this picture from Aimee, who I don't even know. First your pissed off at the HR office so you're checking your alerts, then you're reading about Metro testing new street-level signs telling you when the next train is leaving, then you're clicking on someone's funny response to see who he is, then you're viewing his friend's blogs. I hope Aimee doesn't mind my appropriation of her photo, but it took me to a happy place (two days ago).

Yes, two days ago was much better than today. First because there was beer involved. Since Tranny Luver moved in two weeks ago, I have been woefully bad at working overtime. She got Shamrock Festival tickets for Grace and I, so we started with a beer at the apartment, then switched to Red Bull & vodka in a plastic cup and headed from DC to...*gasp*...Ballston. It's a metro stop, look it up.

Thank god we had tickets, because the line really was hours long if you didn't. And twice the price. Inside we ran into every 20-something white professional we've ever known. Apparently Ballston is their breeding ground. Many of Tranny Luver's co-workers joined us, as did several of Grace's. My co-worker was stuck outside, unable to get in, but I did run into my Director who, unlike I, was not inebriated. Then we did what everyone at outdoor festivals do--drank in the street, interspersed between waiting in line for more beer or a porta-potty. It was wonderful.

Happily (for them), everyone else we ran into even got laid that night. People paired up in droves, apparently. The three of us, instead, had sushi and went dancing, and passed out shortly after midnight. And its not even St. Patty's day yet!!!

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