Thursday, January 26, 2006

"Sometimes you just want to play with another guy"

Today's title is for fabulous Ms. NYC Rouge, who, as I said before, treated me to a wonderful walking/drinking tour of Brooklyn and lower Manhattan this past weekend. She's radiant. Even the crappy camera phone appears to love her.

Her blog, Post No Bills, usually has non sequitur titles that are quotes from her life. Mine comes from, and I am not making this up, a "straight" guy who propositioned me on Friendster a few minutes ago. I'm at work, mind you. The window pops up, he says I'm cute, and soon there after asks if I want to leave work and meet up. I finally figure out how to open his profile, and I see he's in a relationship. When I inquire, I learn that its not even with a guy. WOW. I thought these people were just fairytales. I mean, Jimmy up in NYC always tries to pull the "I'm straight" line to see what he can get other guys to do, but he's gay as the day is long. He's GAY gay. So who was this guy? When I called him "straight," he confirmed that he was, indeed, straight, and then delivered the line above.

This lead me to add to my list of "Things I Don't Like": Blowing Straight Guys. [Reciprocity is key, people.]

All this is to say that I intend to hold my promise to have a no-holds-barred blogging lifestyle. Senate nomination committee be damned.

Yay! That picture wasn't half bad :)
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