Thursday, February 23, 2006


While in NYC this past few days, I went to pick up JJ at her office in midtown so that we could get a post-work drink. I told the receptionist I was there for her and gave her my name. She called JJ. Then, after a pause, she asked if I wasn't the author of a blog she was reading. Now, the story sounds utterly ridiculous already, so I'm not going to waste time with the punchline, which you've already surmised (cause you're so smart, dear reader, aren't you!). My first reaction was one of discomfort, wondering "why are these people reading my blog?" or "didn't she just get this forwarded from JJ?" But with a dropping of the name of my school and a few other choice details, I was snagged. When JJ emerged, I had to share this strange phenomenon. JJ's ability to hold a straight face is just this side of non-existent, and she cracked. But that receptionist was good.

So, as requested long ago, I'm now mentioning you in my blog, JJ, cause you've done something impressive. ;)

Game on.

now I have achieved the fame I have always deserved! Thanks to Bad Apologies, The Most Bad-Ass Blog in the World!
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