Saturday, March 25, 2006


A while back, I ended up hanging out with an old HS aquantance, now that he is gay and living in DC. We actually went to the prom together, but as the plutonic dates of other people. So, at the risk of incuring the rath of Signe, my acutal prom date, we'll just call him PD for now. And boy is the kid cute! Three Thursdays ago, I was a bit tipsy and thrust my tongue in his mouth. DOH. I don't recall a favorable response, so I assumed it was unappreciated.

Two Thursdays ago I sent a message to apologize, and to my surprise he called and said he was going to be out that night, and that it was all good. But then he showed up and I was awkward so I avoided him the rest of the night. :)

Last week I called to see if he was going to be there, and he never returned my call or showed up.

This brings us to this Thursday, when once again he calls to see if I'm there. When he arrives, I invite him to join our group and he does. Sone flirting, but not much. Later on we were all on the dance floor, but at this point random drunk gay (RDG) starts hitting on him and is much more aggressive than I. Meanwhile my partner in crime, Plutonic Boyfriend, is interested in RDG. So its amusing to see us trying to keep PD and RDG apart and paying attention to us.

Anyway, bar closes, and we all walk out. I linger, but soon realize nothing is going to happen with PD, when out walks the Smiler, a guy I had been joking with in the bathroom (at the sink) but whom I hadn't properly met. Turns out he's a friend of PD's and we all chat. The Smiler lives near me, and offers company walking home. HOT!

Out of nowhere, PD was like "no, let me drive you guys home." To which I responded: "um, [PD], its like 2 blocks away." But I figured I'd let him drive us and see who he dropped off first. This was his final chance. So he TOTALLY dropped off ME first--the prick. At this point, cute Smiler got out of the car and was like "I'll just walk from here," and PD was like "no, get back in the car, I'll drive you." So Smiler walked over to me and planted a nice, solid, long kiss on me (some tongue), and then he got in the car and left. PD is SUCH a cock block!

OMG, that was such a valley girl entry, I know.

Meanwhile, Trannie Luver and Plutonic Boyfriend veto Prom Date. He was apparently too full of himself and pretentious. Plutonic Boyfriend says Prom Date is still hook-up material, cause he's cute, but then again Plutonic Boyfriend is a whore.

Thus, Prom Date is now officially on my shit list.

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