Saturday, March 18, 2006


Last night I attended a "For Those Who Can't Make it to Dublin" party, thrown in the swanky lobby of a friend's apartment building by he and two neighbors. Drinks, friends, and snacks were a plenty, but the true highlight of the party was a limerick writing contest.

For those unfamiliar with limericks, you've probably heard something in the "There once was a boy from Nantuck't..." variety. More specifically, they are made up of five lines of verse, with an aabba rhyming scheme, a distinctive anapestic rhythm, and range from humorous to bawdy. We debated anapest for a while, and determined it to be a three-syllable foot consisting of two unaccented syllables followed by an accented syllable. In the above example, "was a boy" and "from Nantuck't" are both anapests.

I'm very proud of my three entries, two of which were collaborations. My personal effort did not make the cut, but I'll share it with the world here:

Congress was calling for quorum,
But absent was Rick Santorum.
Was smoking some grass,
Had a plug in his ass,
While surfing a gay net forum.

Making the top 5 was my joint effort with Ms. Blue Like Mine, done mid-evening while awaiting arrival of two of our friends:

We saw a hot person walk in.
Sultry...and hinting of sin.
We thought it was Darin,
Turned out to be Erin,
Slipped a roofie in her tonic and gin.

Finally, making the Top 5 and then winning the crowd's favor--and New Gay and I a bottle of Hennessey--was our very first effort, when we dove straight for the gutter:

The boy from last night was a dud,
But whoa, did I wish he a stud.
He unbuttoned his pants,
So I took a chance,
And my knees hit the ground with a thud.

Needless to say, I feel very creative and witty this weekend. Per 2005 Goal #3, I think its time for another art date.

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