Monday, March 20, 2006

"Keep banging on the door, cause we can't hear a thing!"

After discovering the Go! Team in an independent music store on Philly's South Street in October, we finally got to see them when they came to the Black Cat last night. This was my first Black Cat concert, because the bands are often too obscure for me. It was also sold out, but thankfully not packed. For $12 and two blocks away, how can you go wrong!? Tranny Luver, Ms. BLM, Ms. BLM's roommate (not yet nicknamed), and I got there early and sat in the bar, trying to fit in with the disaffected hipsters. I thought it appropriate to ponder modern-day handling of our electronic identity post-mortem. Like, what happens to your Friendster profile? If I give a friend my password, can they login and switch me to "deceased"? Or, as Ms. BLM suggested, "at least 'married'"? Same difference, right?

As for the Go! Team, their performance was awesome. The seven or so of them kept us entertained with songs we knew, and songs we hadn't heard yet. The lead singer and MC, Ninja, was a highly energetic black girl who bounced around for her entire performance. The rest of the band was indie-looking white guys, with the exception of a female Asian drummer and guitar player, both vocalists on occasional songs bringing their diminutive voices out as instruments the band plays with. Also noticeable in several of their songs was the use of a harmonica, a recorder, and several other "toy" instruments. The best part of the night was a very energetic--and pretty attractive--guy in front of us who could not stop dancing for joy.

They didn't go on until 11pm, but I was home to watch Grey's Anatomy and still get to bed at a reasonable hour. This morning, I'm busy trying to play down my once-again-blackened hand from all the club stamps that I couldn't fully get off. Its my equivalent of track lines--I'm a junkie for concerts!

How ironic that I *just* bought the Go Team album the VERY night you went to the concert. I remember them from our weekend at DCL and thought they might add a little pep to my gym routine. If I had only known you were going, I would have joined you at the concert!
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