Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Four on a Couch

Four bloggers on a couch. Spent my Labor Day Eve in Dickerson, visiting Ms. Rather be Travelling, who was a gracious host, save for her coffee. We were joined by Ms. Wish to See, who's failed attempt at sewing has not dissuaded my demand for a full-on queen-size quilt, and Ms. Write Again Soon, who did a much better job of chronicling our inertia than could I. Technically, we were only physically inert. Look how electronically active we look, as captured by Ms. RBT (the most fervent protector of her own identity).

I'm sorry I have nothing interesting to share. I thought something of an update would at least be useful. I'm listless, stressed, and unfocused. But I do fly to Hawaii tomorrow. So much travel, never in the right direction...

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