Saturday, September 02, 2006

Verizon, what have you done to me?

Recently, I discovered that for the same price I am currently paying for text messages, I could get a new plan that was double, and photo messages were no longer priced at a higher rate. I immediately told all my v-to-v compadres. Now, New Gay and I have become ridiculous. While he's in Cali, we communiate not by phone, and not by txt, but solely by image. Here are some choice recent ones from him and Valley Girl. All of my responses are like the one at the bottom, with me in various self-portraits, all involving me at work, in my hotel for work, or preping for work.
Apparently in California, like in Europe, the steering wheel is on the right side of the car. And that is not a bug in the passenger seat, it is Valley Girl being too hip for you.
San Francisco, my birthplace! On my phone, that steel rail looked like a white sandy beach.
A coffee break. I spared you the rest, because there were many food- and drink-related images.
"The next morning." This is New Gay capturing Valley Girl capturing New Gay sneaking away from a bit of debauchery.
Apparently in California, you go for a run in parking garages.
The elevators at my work are dark and moody. I love that.

Oh - you didn't post the best one! The one where *New Gay* and I look like drugged out movie stars on Sunday morning at the swanky Century Plaza hotel. That was a shining moment.
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