Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Life is Long

I imagine an update is due, but you'll be surprised to know I can't actually put my finger on how I am feeling. Of course, there is the obvious sorrow, but so much about MOSI still makes me smile that its hard to linger on those feelings. At the same time, I can't seem to linger on the positive ones. Instead, I'm stuck sort of in limbo. More correctly, I think I'm doing what Red and I are notorious for, which is keeping as busy or distracted as possible. Specifically, I have been at work late yesterday and today--I just got home actually. At work I'm too busy preparing for travel to Columbus, OH, and Hawaii in the coming weeks--not to mention trying to keep from falling desperately behind. Tonight was dig-through-the-backlog night, so I feel much better about at least knowing what I haven't gotten to yet.

The title of this entry comes from a brand new Ray LaMontagne song, Gone Away From Me, and it pretty well captures how I think I am feeling. ["Life is long, my love has gone away from me."] If you could hear his voice, you might understand better. It's hard to live in the moment right now, but it is equally hard to look forward to tomorrow. Instead, I look forward to french bread pizza.

Strangely enough, I blogged about Ray's new album today as well. Damn inner demons, but at least the sounds are there to fixate on. Oh, thanks for his cover of "Crazy" too...it's poignant.

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