Friday, April 14, 2006

Realities of the Single Scene

Lesson for all your idealistic singles out there trying to meet people at a bar/club: If you really think this person you've met is different, special, or has potential, then do NOT take them home. Get their number, and ask to see them under different circumstances. If they decline, then you know where you stand. Waiting to ask for a number at 3am as they leave is only going to result in heartache.

Lesson for all you fag hags in training: You are probably not helping you friend by approaching guys on the dance floor with the "my friend thinks you're cute" line. You're just being annoying. Chances are, many people in the club think that many others there are cute. The reality is that this attraction seldom overlaps. Thus, it is no surprise to hear that "someone" thinks you're cute, but what follows is an awkward attempt to size up this suitor in a way that doesn't make you out to be a complete jackass. The feigned interest that ensues is just as likely charity interest as it is actual attraction.

Take a chapter from my roommate, TrannyLuver, a fag hag extraordinare. If you want to set your gay boy up with someone else in the club, approach that person, introduce yourself, and strike up a conversation. Inviting them into your circle and showing actual interest will make things much more casual and social. This will give the new hottie a chance to meet your group (including your gay). If there is interest, you've broken the ice and they'll take it from there. If not, then it just looks like casual mingling to any outsider.

You desperate breeders out there can use this to set up your pals as well. Just remember to tell them who sent you. :)

If you are left attempting to get a number at 3am you know you are in trouble at that point.I also speak from experience.
Just to clarify: does this apply to someone who approaches YOU at the end of the night?
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