Monday, May 29, 2006


Where have I BEEN!? I wish I had a good excuse for not blogging. Since last I was on here, I've been to LA, Anaheim, Kansas City, and middle-o-nowhere Pennsylvania, so we'll make that my excuse. I have many pictures to share, but right now just two web updates.

First off, I'm thoroughly unimpressed by the planned bar night equivalent that will be my ten year high school "reunion." Still, I provide the link here for you, as I'll be there. Hell, what's $26 for a two-hour open bar? Biggest difference between me then and now is my ability to take full advantage of an open bar, and $26 is probably cheaper than prom was.

I am, however, exited/surprised to add Ev, Ms. Soupy Hair herself, as a new blog link. She has just alerted me to her Misadventures in Tokyo, and I can't wait to follow along.

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