Tuesday, April 11, 2006

This weekend was a blowout for Ms. Wish to See, who is in the throws of her last days as a bachelorette. And what a time we had! Because everyone is so afraid of their likeness being appropriated for internet use, I'm sharing only a photo of a whipped cream accident and me playing Pin the Macho on the Man. I wasn't the only one being creamed, but I had to block out that curmudgeon's face with the "ex-girlfriend" function on PhotoShop. Who knew penis games (of the group-of-girls sort) would be so entertaining or satisfying?! I've already ordered my ofoto (oh yeah, that's what I called it) collage.

Well, if that whole federal government thing doesn't work out, your career in gay porn seems to be a lock if those pics are any indication. Or, at least, underwear contest material. (I will not be leaving early next week.)
Um... the man, whom the macho is being pinned on, is sadly not me.
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