Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Sometimes, I think that I might be an idiot savant – or at least that I have some substantial genius (somewhere) to compensate for my utter retardation of mental capacity in other areas.

In December, I had a mild cold that came with a cough. The cold subsided; the cough did not. For three weeks, I’ve figured it would go away. It was not until the night before last that I was laying awake in bed when I realized: “Oh! I have bronchitis!”

You see, the same thing happened last winter, and it took me a month to figure out something was wrong and to see a doctor. Instead of remembering that this year, I remember January of 2002 when – guess what! – I had a never-ending cough. Of course, I now realize that was bronchitis, too.

So now I’m on meds, plus I have a cold that started yesterday, so I’m none too happy. Next October, the Vitamin C regimen beings in earnest… if I can remember.

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