Saturday, January 21, 2006

No Dice? No, Dice.

Know what's funny? Its not so late, but I'm trying to go to bed, because I'm planning a god awful early trip on the Chinatown bus to NYC tomorrow morning. And outside my window, on the corner, are eight gentlemen playing dice. I kid you not. Not that its keeping me up, per se, but I'm that kind of "good" citizen to call 311 and report it. Eight people means its pretty loud, anyway.

These are the entries that make me realize that reader of my blog probably usually end by saying: "Gosh I'm glad I live in the burbs." And you'd probably be correct. But in my defense, the city is pretty cool, its just my block that ghetto as all getout.

This experience leads me to ask the question: HOW is playing dice fun? Each guy holds a wad of cash in one hand, throws it down per various rounds, and then dice is dropped and you win or lose cash. There can't POSSIBLY be a strategy here. This is a game of mere chance. But go at it they do. Now, I'm not one to gamble much anyway, I've been to Vegas four times and moved perhaps $200 total. But still, how is this entertainment?

Now that I've sufficiently disparaged the subculture of my block, I'm going to go watch as the cops break it up, then get a good nights sleep.


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