Monday, November 20, 2006

I was trying to make jam, but shot myself in the foot

What a frustrating day.

First, I finally realized where my newspaper has been going. There was a brief interruption in my service while a payment method was worked out, and I thought that was still going on. But this morning when I saw a stack of empty newspaper bags had collected outside my new neighbors door, I realized they have been taking them. Who does that?! Do they think that everyone gets a newspaper? Do they not realize that there aren't four copies, one for each apartment?! If you haven't paid for it, it probably isn't yours. They are nice, but apparently simple folk. I'll have to swing by this evening and explain modern adulthood (meaning: send TraniLuver or leave a passive aggressive note).

Then on the subway I had to fight to grab a poll from a poll-hugger. I hate poll-huggers. Especially poll-huggers that look at you and yet hug away.

Then, at work, I had an e-mail from DRS. Yes, the DRS that I asked to hire me in July of 2005.
So a little over a week after I get a promotion at my current job they finally come through with an interview. Are you friggin' kidding me?! Could the timing be worse? I like my current job, and I really like the promotion. But I like DRS too--and it might take my career further. So what do I do? If only they had waited an additional 16 months, I would have been completely ready for the move. Damn their efficiency!

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