Saturday, November 18, 2006

I have to be loud, I'm sitting next to [Fliven].

There were many options for today's quote-as-blog-title contest, ala Maryment and Ms. Post No Bills. This quote won out, becuase I couldn't recall the exact wording of Finnean's sexually suggestive declarative at dinner in Bethesda last night (attended by FIVE of the bloggers in the column on the right-->).

-"I'm not opposed to institutional catering."
-"If you lose the big game, that little boy is gonna die faster than Steve Irwine in a tank full of stingrays."
-Whatever Finnean said.

For the record, I don't like the quote-as-a-blog-title, if only because I always want to know where it came from, and Maryment and Ms. PNB rarely deliver. But they aren't on my "list," ala Red. [You know, blogging from home sucks without the easy of hyperlink button on my browser.]

And apologies to Red, who's bad list I am on, for several reasons. But specifically, apologies for lovable me, but here's one for old times sake: Red, I'm sorry we don't have real jobs. Oh, I mean I'm sorry I implied your job was going to be fake, because really you'll have your own office and income and direct a project, which is arguable more than I do now.

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I believe Finnean's quote was "I only receive".

And don't forget, Ms. WTS's "He had his chance, that time is past."
you know if you're really curious about one of my blog titles, you can google the entire phrase...
Also, whilst Fliven was a perfectly appropriate volume, I suppose it is possible that my own volume was amplified excessively at times via lite lumpy lager...

"I brought you flours" ;)
"I'm not opposed to institutional catering." is may favorite from the evening.
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