Sunday, November 05, 2006

NaBloPoMo Denied

Like the thousands of resolutions that went beforehand, the prospect of blogging every day for a month just wasn't meant to beat the odds. Even I am a bit surprised that I only made it TWO days, but I like to deliver.

Friday, I was distracted, and then left work early for Ms. Blue Like Mine's San Francisco departure happy hour (might she start blogging again?). I got home at 11 and promised myself to blog right after a Sex in the City rerun, but that was foiled when I awoke in front of the TV at 3 am.

I make no apologies for yesterday, when I had MOSI in town. Hands down, every time I am with him is better than the last.

So now I'm in Miami for work. I had dinner on South Beach with Mommy D, and we'll be together again Tuesday to watch election results come in live. In the meantime, all I have to say is that downtown Miami is strange. The buildings are tall slabs of concrete that overlap one another to the horizon, but the streets are empty. More shocking, the downtown development is phenomenal. I counted over a dozen cranes within just blocks of my hotel. But will this change the character on the street? I suppose I will get a better understanding while I'm here.

And in the strange traffic category, not only did a car swerve off to the side of the road unprovoked as TraniLuver drove me to the airport, but once here on an elevated freeway a massive SUV's tires suddenly squealed and then it lurched left then right then spun 180 degrees around DIRECTLY in front of us. No one was injured, but it was shocking.

Here's to blogging again!


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