Tuesday, October 04, 2005

World Tour, Stop #3 - Hudson Valley, NY

With a days rest, I tried my luck, AGAIN, with the Chinatown bus and shot up to NYC in record time. This go around I'd be crashing with Timmy, a dirty brute of a breeder whom I adore madly. We spent hours out drinking that night, and while Timmy closed yet another bar down, I made it home and to sleep by 3am or so.

The next morning was the real purpose of our trip - the marriage of Ms. Heng Ting Hua - so named after a Chinese phrase that, to the best of my knowledge, is roughly translated to: "S/he with soft, smooshy ears, is a submissive mate." Ms. HTH was to marry a gentleman I had only met once, outside along the Hudson in a small town setting that was a bastion of white New England. I have to say, for a moment I held my breath, as I realized the bride refused to make eye contact with the groom. Was she trying to keep from crying, or from bolting? While the latter would have made for a better story, in the end it seems best that they married without incident.

And what does one do at a noon wedding? Hit the open bar by 12:30 and work your hardest to make a wedding video that would be memorable. For that, I had Timmy. Multiple songs featured only Timmy and I breaking it down on the dance floor, flipping one another, or what have you.

I also relished the opportunity to be the token gay guy at the wedding who went over the top. :) Mind you, this wasn't my idea. But they played some fun games to loosen up the crowd. The M.C. promised these were Chinese wedding games, something the Chinese side of the audience didn't seem to agree with. I wouldn't have believed this random white guy of an M.C., but he often broke in to extended Mandarin to explain things to the native speaking guests. Where did this guy learn MANDARIN?

Anyway, the groom was blindfolded, and a line of female guests were asked to proceed to him and kiss him one after the other, in hopes that he could identify his new bride. At that bride's beckoning, I joined the line, and even got a strong consideration from the groom. Alas, I guess I hadn't shaved recently enough, as he didn't mistake me for the floppy eared submissive type. Oh wait, that was Idaho.

'Nuff said. Saturday was another late nighter on the town, until I couldn't manage and headed back for a fuller night sleep. Wish I could have seen more people, but elated to be there for the wedding.

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