Saturday, October 01, 2005

Baby Genie - WEbring Assignment #7

[yes, I'm behind]

From Ms. I'd Rather Be Traveling: Assuming you will have a child in the future, what one attribute or personality characteristic or natural ability would you like to secure for that child (assuming the magic Baby Genie (not to be confused with the Diaper Genie) gives you One Wish). Also, the attribute can not be exemption from a specific disease/disability.

Although I would guess I could wish for MiniDK some cool ability, like flight, or freedom from sleep, or the ability to put his index fingers together and freeze time around him (ala Out of This World, yet another cheesy sitcom (1987-1991) that time forgot), I suppose I'll go with something a bit more practical. So I guess I'll choose a strong sense of compassion. Whether this gets displayed by a life of public service, or just a strong desire to volunteer in the community, I don't really mind. But as I think about the trait I'd like to have some control over as my child were to grow up, it is this idea of being a member of community, and that we are not only our brother's keeper, we are our brother.

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