Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Buzz it?

So, I'm thinking... perhaps once I get to my goal weight of 165 (I'm only at 158 or so), I might shave my head. Not bald, just a buzz cut. An expensive one (not that expensive, just not a $5 wackjob). Thoughts? Tanned, thicker, those beautiful brown eyes. ;)

Just an experiment. I throw myself at the mercy of the blogosphere...


Aren't your eyes already brown? My thoughts are: left-handed, can self-apply sun lotion to his own back, has two office phone numbers in different federal departments.

Maybe you should save the money from an overpriced buzzcut (can't VSL do a decent job on a regularly priced one?) and visit Andre Chreky instead! Get an "Oxygen Treatment Facial-- Our exceptional oxygen therapy treatment energizes the skin, creating renewed, luminous clarity. $85* for 1 1/2 hour treatment" Only $85 for oxygen! And renewed luminous clarity! Hurrah!!
Maybe a Beckham buzz cut. I like email better.
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