Wednesday, September 14, 2005

World Tour, Stop #1 - Albuquerque

Where have I been? Apologies. I ended my stint at DRS, and started back at my old job with TCR. Day 1 was putting out several fires. Day 2 was more of the same, and has lead me to Albuquerque, where I now have a lull (and free wireless connection - thank you Hilton) to check in.

A few observations:

#1 - I am so tired of DFW (Dallas-Ft Worth airport). I have been there over a dozen times in the past two years. Its my own fault, as I like to fly out of National (note the name). Its far away, but not that far, because there are still long flights on the other side, regardless of where you are going. Its like purgatory for me at this point. Damn you American Airlines, for having the most frequent flyer miles in my account, forcing me to continue my allegiance to you.

#2 - Always make sure you have full prescriptions, especially of things you don't use to often. I seem to have run out of meds for the stress-related ulcer I used to get. Apparently Day 1 and 2 got to me just as I was leaving, because now I'm out here with nothing. Let's hope I can have a prescription called in to a drug store.

#3 - Per my on-going "F*%# You, You F*%#ing F*%#!!!" thread, I have failed to replace my drivers license. Guess what you can't rent without a DL.

#4 - Albuquerque sucks a fat one. At least so far. Granted, I haven't seen much, so I'll give it a few days to grow on me. But I will say that I have already grown tired of the southwestern motif that adorns EVERYTHING, including the airport (or "sunport" as someone who didn't respect my gag reflex has termed it) and lobby of my hotel. Its like being back in my parents' family room all day long. And there is no real city here, just little colonies (the Hilton) along highway exits. Everything is car-required. Please see #3 above.

I hope to have more positive news tomorrow. At the very least, I scheduled a half dozen meetings YESTERDAY (I'm very proud of how efficient I can be), so I should at least be productive.

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