Tuesday, October 04, 2005

World Tour, Stop #2 - Chicago (recap)

I LOVE Chicago. Chicago is a great city. Granted, it was sunny and an ideal temperature, so that had to help. Biting winds at 10 below might not be so nice. In the meantime, Chicago in September rules. I trekked all over the city. If I ever figure out this photo upload thing, I'll even share a snapshot from my camera phone. [Update: I figured it out!]

I was joined in Chicago by Ms. Blue Like Mine. [I have yet to figure out that title. Anyone know? I saw a book cover while boarding a plane there, and almost attacked the man when I saw "Blue Like..." but, it turned out to be "...Jazz." Googling her title brings a great array of possibilities.]

Best of all, we were treated to the city by my second cousin, the joys of which were only newly discovered. I actually called once I was already in the city, and the goading of my mother. I've only seen this guy a half dozen times in my life, and all we share, in theory, are our great grandparents Kness. That and the competing adoration of our mothers. Well, Walker was greatly responsive to our visit, and took us out on not one, but TWO tours of city haunts. Each night was a different; each great fun in its own way. Walker is now a self-sufficient, worldly, and amusing 23 year old. I had a blast with him. As Ms. BLM suggested in a drunk stupor: "Aw! He's so cute! He's like a mini gay DK!"

If you are looking for a blog devoted to solving computer programming problems (or that's the best I can ascertain that it does), check him out: www.walkerhamilton.com

I believe I said "23 year old straight DK." Well, maybe I said "mini" in a drunken stupor, though that seems a little insulting now - but calling someone a "gay DK" would be kind of overkill.
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