Sunday, April 01, 2007

When Life Gives You Lemons

God I hate that saying.

Moving on. I finally checked my work e-mail today from Friday, and apparently after I signed-off for the evening, I got another one. Bittersweet it is. Like vomiting roses.

A full 21 months after first trying to score a job, DRS has actually reached out and made me an offer! There's a down side. While it will be working as an extension of the headquarters staff, it will require me to be stationed out of Dayton in the Southern District of Ohio, working on several settlement agreements, most of which are in Cincinnati. And it will require a commitment to relocate for at least 18 months.

Working on my two weeks now. Looks like I might be reporting as early as May 13!

482 miles. Lord.

oh my god, are you leaving us?! For OHIO?
and if this is an april fool's joke, you're going to be sorry i think you hurt my feelings...
You called me out Chris. April fools indeed. Can there be an "I'm staying here!" party, or is that too much to ask?
YOU ARE SUCH A JERK!! I didn't think to look at the comments until today, so I told EVERYONE that you were moving to I'll have to go back and un-tell my family, the Pilot, etc. Bah!
My tardniess saved me on this one. Besides, there aren't any gay people in Ohio, are there?
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