Saturday, March 24, 2007

Spring Patrol

Ah yes, it seems that gChat posts are not just for Fabs and Meg anymore! I doubt anyone will appreciate this, but I'm home alone on a Friday night, waiting for Papa Johns, and damnit I'll post what I want!

9:18 PM me: oh sweet. 23 minutes
9:19 PM moltbe: was that their estimate?
that's a little precise...
me: its my estimate, biatch
moltbe: well then. I now understand the precision.
9:21 PM me: just you see what happens if they don't make it
9:22 PM moltbe: you'll be like, "you are 5.168 seconds late. This pizza is free."
or you'll just say "false" and pay the man.
me: i missed a perfect opp yesterday:
ME: Hi, can we leave a ticket here at your will call booth, please?
9:23 PM Will call Lady, and everyone else in the booth as well: "NO"
My failed response: "What? Are you serious? You guys are awesome! NOT! I hate you!"
such a poor performance
9:24 PM moltbe: yeah. definitely a missed opportunity. A simple false would have summed it all up. You would have saved time and calories.
and the will call people would have been like, "shit. that guy's right. We're dicks."
9:25 PM me: and some dignity
my friend was like "How old ARE you?"

Oh, and Snow Patrol was alright, too.

Just promise you'll never miss such an opportunity again.
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