Monday, March 05, 2007


I wanted to share a few choice pictures from this weekend, but at the same time attempt to protect the gainfully employed. For this reason, I will leave name droping and hyperlinking to a minimum. For the same reason, I won't credit these photos except to say I didn't take them but I got permission from who did. :)

That said, on with the ridiculousness:
Lisa in happier and sadder times.
The full outfit (warning, do not "strut it" during actual abductions).
The cart makes it down from the third-floor walk-up.
Practicing our racing stance on the streets of Adams Morgan.
Lisa is a huge Ludacris fan!
Fine ladies.
Cash. Money. Hos.
Hello Kitty was the most appaling part of the day. This pictures actually preserves some of his dignity.
The race begins, and we were off with a bolt!
Racers milling at Lucky Bar.
Believe it or not, I was NOT binge drinking. Rather, I apparently do not respond well to running. But that's not saying I won't puke and rally...
The fine ladies off again.
The Tom Tom sidewalk another clusterfuck.
After a long day, Lisa heads home.

I'm going to have to choose the lisa/luda as my favorite photo. Are you happy? Sad? Scared?
I am in total agreement. The juxtaposition of a classy lady in front of street toughness is, well, ghetto fabulousness at its finest!
i have no legs... i have no legs...
I am requesting that the wigs and tights make a guest appearance again sometime soon!
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