Friday, March 23, 2007

Where's My Little Spoon?

Pretty typical image: Meg on the phone flirting with a boy, and me trying unsuccessfully to get my spoon on. But the surprise visit was more cuddle action than I've gotten since MOSI left, which is probably why I'm smiling.
After that was an impromptu game of Family Feud at Cobalt, which left yesterday as a total waste while I stayed in bed most of the day recovering. At least I got to skip forward to Friday, I've got DJ Glow essentials blasting on the work computer (while I still have an office), tickets to see Snow Patrol tonight with Madchen ("If I could just lay here..."), and a wide open weekend with no roommate and no plans (TiVo naked!).

I am coming over for another spooning session this weekend... this time no flirty interruptions... I promise!
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