Friday, March 16, 2007

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No news since the Idiotarod report? Sucks to that asthmar.

The weeks have been just work (well, and three receptions on the Hill that I blame for some of my less coherent moments) and last weekend was a 3+ day bender of fun and celebrations interspersed with lustful relaxation.

First off, MOSI made a somewhat clumsy return to my life after getting back into the city for his spring break. Despite that, we ended up having a phenomenal three days together. We relaxed, we laughed, we played--we did things I had wanted to do with him since we first met last May.

Our status is still in flux because of the distance, but leaving things on such a positive note (rather than how it was left the time before) only reinforces that this is a hiatus, not an end, to having such a great love in my life.

And between trysts were parties for the extended Crowl birthday, including dinner/drinks in Adams Morgan and a late night Sunday dance party at the Black Cat. Which by the way, sucked and then was awesome, all in the span of two hours. You see, Thievery Corporation was billed as the performer, and I guess the audience expected a performance. So they crushed to the front and stood motionless for the first hour. I have seen more dancing at actual concerts before.

TC, meanwhile, just stood there DJing--they hardly even looked up. Eventually, the crowd, who never seemed to figure out what was going on, weeded out, and left space for us to cut it up as was intended. Glow even discovered that a wink at a certain bartender would get you a beer for free.

Of course, that turned my last $5 into three beers, not one, and I woke up Monday just long enough to e-mail my boss and take the day off. I slept until 2, when I ran to meet up with Crowl and Meg for pedicures and to talk about boys. And Crowl's preference to be a kept woman.

Since then work as returned, MOSI has departed, the temperature has teased, kickball has been scheduled, and this weekend is the long-awaited "clean my parents house" spectacular. Thank god for a party at Bunny's to break up the monotony.

Thanks again for the ride to the metro from the party. Visions of Y2K are still dancing in my head...

I, too, have no problem being kept.

Two random thoughts from a slow Sunday--some old-school revival CDs are on the way though!
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