Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Today I am drowning in a sea of inefficiency and bureaucratic ineptitude. Take as state's evidence exhibit A:This bulletin case has been in our buildings lobby (at the visitor entrance) for as long as I can remember. I think it makes quite an impression on visitors who are confronted with it immediately upon entering. Today, while waiting for a visitor, I actually read the first flyer. Based on her birth date, the first missing child is actually 21. "Funny," I thought. Doesn't one get recatogerized at some point as not a missing "child"? Then I scanned to the entry for "Age Now:" ... "16." Reading the other four confirmed the uselessness of this board: These faded flyers have been up for no less than FIVE years! [Yes, like the movie Brick which I watched in stages this week, I like things spelled out for the viewer at home.] Doesn't someone have responsibility over this!? I certainly can't just drag it off, but seriously folks, buy a clue.

It only got more annoying from there.

I loved that movie!

And are you really that surprised about the pictures? You work in government.
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