Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Every Blog Has Its Day

The weather is fabulous--from the warmth yesterday to the torrential thunderstorm at 4am last night (which was great to snuggle under the blankets during).

Yesterday, I met Meg and Stewie over lunch at the Tidal Basin for Cherry Blossoms. Stewie has promptly been enlisted as my new Dupont boy magnet. Could you disagree?:
God he's adorable!...
The perfect accessory...
...and a fabulous kisser.
The one line I got: "You're going to snag more kids than chicks with that puppy!" Neither being my goal, maybe we'll have another threesome this Saturday.
And Jorgtina, you're expected to be there!

What a loser! Wandering the Tidal Basin in all it's Cherry Blossom glory, with an adorable pup and good company. Is this what you're life has come to?
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