Friday, February 09, 2007

This Is How It Goes

After an incredibly underwhelming season of plays so far, I was finally sated last night by another Neil LaBute creation, This is How it Goes (and my first turn as a bartender before the performance--$30 in tips!). Last season I raved about Fat Pig, and this performance was also excellent, if for much different reasons. It was mostly panned by the WP (and my date: New Gay). But while I saw racism as an interesting subplot, I didn't linger much on that as my point of interest. Rather, I am a big fan of LaBute's banter (which I find refreshing and uncommon for the stage), and in this case I focused on the play's treatment of truth and its distortions, especially as related to a love interest. I was not so disturbed by the lead character/narrator's penchant for riddling the audience as I was fascinated by his motivations. And I thought it gave a beautiful insight into how our darker intents are glossed over even in our own minds to our preferred ends. Perhaps most poignant of all was a short speech about working at a relationship. This resonated with me as I have tried to struggle to understand what should be expected to come easy and what requires commited effort in a relationship--and the elusiveness of reaching a shared conclusion with the other half of that relationship.


wait, do you have season tickets to studio?! i do. and you are bartending there, too? i saw this is how it goes last night, and thought it was pretty good. i absolutely LOVED fat pig though.
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