Monday, February 05, 2007

Car Troubles and Pedestrian Prospects

Back from Pittsburgh, and hoping for a bit of a photo chronicle ala Meg soon, but in the meantime a report on the inconvenience of a car and the future for us DC pedestrians.

I borrowed the parents car while Mom is in St. Louis, and used that to visit MOSI this weekend. I now have it in the city for the next two weeks to make life more convenient. Last night that was a mixed blessing, as I was able to drive a friend back home to avoid the weather, but got pulled over on my drive back. While I was frustrated at how long the traffic stop took, Officer Brown was very polite. It seems one of my headlights was out (Padiddle!). While I could jump to the conclusion that she probably had better things to be doing with her time, I guess that a salt-streaked, MD tagged, one-headlighted car driving through the neighborhood at 11:30 pm is pretty ripe for a little more inquiry. I received only a warning. Any clue where to buy headlights in the city?

This morning's WP brought great hope, then, as DC DOT begins a 10-month Pedestrian Master Plan. I encourage everyone, DC resident and not, to click the link and take the brief survey by February 9. I personally hope that it might lead to more reminders to drivers to yield at pedestrian crosswalks, and an expansion of the the abysmally narrow sidewalks along the U Street and Adams Morgan corridors.

Happy surveying!

i always get pulled over for having one headlight! if you want to do it yourself as opposed to taking it into a shop, there is an auto parts store on 14th, right near you. try that. ps i haven't seen you since the 80s! miss you!
Or, you can get a headlight changed at pretty much any gas station that also does repairs. It shouldn't take you more than a half hour tops for them to change it.

NYC come on!
Thanks for the shoutout! I hate cars, and cops, and driving, which explains why I sold my ride!
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