Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Are you busy?

As the last comment suggested, I spent part of this past weekend in Pittsburgh. The decision was spur of the moment, and I rented a car for what turned out to be a very pleasant four hour drive.I was exhausted, but that soon passed, and I was finally treated to SNOW (we hadn't had our little blizzard yet, so it was still novel). It actually snowed while being sunny for over an hour. Otherwise, it just looked like above.

It wasn't even dark when I reached Pittsburgh. I tried to send this image to MOSI to break the surprise, but he didn't receive it until Monday morning! Verizon, Cingular, why can't you be friends?

I got up in time on Friday for the main event, which was a public lecture by David Adjaye, whose work was intriguing but whose presentation style was little more than mumbling through a series of slides describing the elements of several unrelated projects. Even though the presentation was accessible to the public, his architect speak was also grating. If I heard him call one more window a "portal capturing light from the facade" was out of there.

Worse for him, I was able to stay through Saturday evening's lecture by Liz Diller, of Diller, Scofidio, and Renfro. Diller, who is also an artist and a theorist, blew Adjaye away. DSR are MOSI's favorite architects, and for good reason. I was thrilled that her presentations--which articulate, warm, and even eloquent--ended with a discussion of the NYC High Line, something that always fascinated me from a far.

I had a great time. Being back and going to twelve hours of conference lectures Sunday morning until today was that much less of a drag because of it.

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