Sunday, January 28, 2007

Liquid Ladies

So it's a shitty camera phone. Still, don't the girls glow? Okay, MOSI thinks they look hungover and, well, they are. I'm happy to say I conserved last night at the big Megabert birthday bash, which allowed me to fully partake in the unlimited liquid brunch this morning. Makes me a little reminiscent of NYC, lemme tell ya. Time to start job hunting. No, not that.

Glow... honey that was vodka spilling out of my pores!

THANK YOU for making me feel so special this weekend. I can't remember ever feeling so loved!
Really? Reminds you of New york? Looking for a Job? Could it mean a transfer for Mosi?
Liquid brunches were a frequent experience my final semester in New York, when I finally lived on the lower east side and everything was painfully trendy. More on that second point later.
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