Sunday, January 28, 2007

"...a monkey that wandered out of the jungle and asked for a gin-and-tonic"

Caught Notes on a Scandal tonight with Glow, and found it to be wonderful. It was a bit of a mess, though, with three overlapping story lines: a marriage unraveling, an affair with a younger man, and secret hints at a forbidden (and somewhat imagined) intimacy. It provided plenty of fodder for the walk home. The trailers were equally evocative, especially Black Snake Moan and The Namesake.

For a long time now, I have figured that I was doing pretty well. I remember how great spring of 1998 was--I was an RA, rushed the fraternity and got in, and got my first taste of man-man love and intimacy. And had a great GPA. Really, life was turning around for once.

And for the years since then, with the requisite ups and downs, things have progressed as I suppose they do. The end of that first relationship was a bit of a setback. Becoming a full-fledged adult was another. The second relationship brought a lot more comfort, and the end of that one tinged more with an air of familiarity.

Well now I'm officially tired of being old. If you talked to my roommate, or boyfriend, or most friends, you'd learn that I don't have much of a memory. But I seem to have quite a good sense for remembering emotions. Now I wonder if I don't have too many years of emotions to reflect back on. Maybe I'm just tired of Sunday nights. ;)

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